Smooth Out Your Ride

Smooth Out Your Ride

We're a professional sealcoating & crack filling company serving Saratoga Springs, NY

As the earth shifts and settles, cracks can form in your blacktop and make your driveway or parking lot look unwelcoming. Save time and money replacing your asphalt with pavement crack filling and sealcoating services from Pavement Pro in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Our expert sealcoating company uses an eco-friendly, asphalt-based filler to repair cracks and potholes. Then we apply a durable sealant to keep out moisture and prevent natural wear and tear. Contact us today to learn more.

Even after just one year of use, your driveway and parking lot can start to show signs of wear. Pavement crack filling and sealcoating is a long-term asphalt repair solution for large blacktop surfaces. Pavement Pro uses water- and UV-resistant sealants that:

  • Stop moisture from damaging your blacktop.
  • Prevent the hot sun from drying out your asphalt.
  • Protect against constant pressure from heavy traffic.

Speak with our local sealcoating company to schedule your asphalt repair and sealing.